JUNE 2019

New merger to deliver bigger and better hi-end audio shows to a wider audience.

We are pleased to announce that from August 1st 2019, Chester Group (UK) Ltd. and MonkeyTree Creative Ltd. have announced a merger of their expertise to deliver improved and expanded hi-end audio shows to a wider audience around the world.

The transition is expected to take 12 months to complete, but existing exhibitors and visitors to current Shows will see an immediate upgrade in visibility.

The new partnership, with offices in Chester, London and Bangkok, will offer greater immediacy to manufacturers, distributors and, of course, visitors.

As specialists in consumer audio and AV shows with events in the UK, USA, Thailand and Australia, Chester Group are the only conduit to these hugely important technological markets and offer a global reach for manufacturers, distributors and consumers alike.

This is a very exciting development for both companies, for our employees and for our clients. Our main assets has always been our people and by joining forces we have just made a huge increase in the quality of those assets.

We are forging a new enterprise with enhanced experience and expertise. Our merger will create a more comprehensive infrastructure with faster response times and will also produce an expanded base of highly qualified staff that translates into better service at preferred prices for our clients.

Our combination creates the largest and most comprehensive audio industry database and on-site solutions available today, giving exhibitors choices in how they procure, develop, implement, sell and display their products and services. From internet-based marketing to optimised on-site solutions and highly tailored customer contact, we deliver the flexibility and choice that you need to maximise the value of your brands. For equipment manufacturers specifically we can offer a range of packages which allow a "mix and match" approach, whilst benefitting from co-marketing and discounting arrangements.

As we work to deliver the advantages of the combined companies, we are equally focused on protecting the investment of our customers through exclusive venues, competitive pricing, superior marketing, unique side events and, of course, the exceptional quality and diversity of our visitors. ENDS


Chester Group (UK) Ltd.

Specialising in the field of High Performance Home Entertainment & Electronic Shows, we continue to be a pioneering business always seeking to keep step with the industries our shows represent whilst predicting technological developments, taking note of emerging markets and those without representation.

The Chester Group were the first to develop a global calendar of regional consumer Audio Hi-FI Shows that encouraged key aspects of off-site promotion - sales, branding and market research.

With Asia now becoming such a key market for both producers and consumers, it is increasingly important that we capitalise on our position and provide a one-stop choice for those manufacturers wanting to enter, strengthen or review their market penetration both inside and outside Asia. The Chester Group remains an independent organiser unaffected by media ties.


MonkeyTree Creative Ltd.

MonkeyTree Creative is an international exhibition services company dedicated to marketing, design, production and construction of global events. Our events offer the perfect platform for establishing and building client relationships, providing a highly flexible environment to meet all your marketing objectives - generating sales leads, launching new products, developing your brand identity as well as exploring and entering new markets.

We provide comprehensive in-house creative, production and digital marketing facilities. On your behalf, we take full control of your venue selection, marketing, side events, construction and logistics. We supervise the build-up on-site and organise local utilities, whilst creating unique experiences for clients and attendees.


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